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    Angry Chassis Stabilization: Drive moderately - Error message

    2014 X5 35D
    I raised the car to do transmission work, replace the filter/pan and ZF ATF oil. To access those 3 bolts on the back of the pan, I jacked up the transfer case about 1 inch.
    After the job was done I was greeted with that message (Chassis Stabilization: Drive moderately)
    Now I am not sure if I broke any plug or any connector from the transfer case motor. I tried resetting the system by using software but I was not successful.
    Any insight? I had no issues at all before raising the truck to work on.
    This is driving me nuts omg!
    Thanks, folks

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    Go to a bmw shop and ask them nicely if they would scan the car for faults and is there any faults for drive line systems and clear them

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    I apologize for bringing up this old thread. I had a similar issue with my 2015 BMW 320, it turns out that I had a ball joint issue, I heard a rattling noise while I’m driving the other day then the error code popped up. I took it to the shop so I can replace it immediately because it affects my driving and control of the car. I did a lot of searches on this issue and came on in depth article which may be worth reading, search for " BMW chassis stabilization malfunction drive moderately on YOUCANIC" and you will see an article that goes over common causes and possible fixes, you can read about it yourself. I hope this information can assist someone else with a similar issue.

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