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Thread: 2007 Z4 Convertible issues

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    2007 Z4 Convertible issues

    The opening/closing mechanism on my Z4 was beginning to fail. Took it to BMW dealer and they replaced the motors, and various other items and at pick up it was SLOW and LOUD. Service tech said it was because it was cold and when weather warmed it would be fine. Does this sound like BS

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    Slow and loud sounds like air in the system being worked out. Operate the top a 1/2 dozen times or so and see if it improves.
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    Take it back and have them look at again, at no charge

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    Muzz258 advice is totally correct if your referring to the movement of the top itself going down and then back up.

    However, I believe based on your posting that the repair/replacement your concerned about was the release/lockup motor and gears at the windshield? If so, I honestly can't tell that the tech's info was BS. If your from WV then your aware that Electric motors do not operate the same in hot and then cold weather. The good thing is you already had a dealership repair which should carry a two year warranty on parts (not sure on labor). Based on that warranty I'd wait until warm weather until I put the top down. You'll know then if you received a faulty motor and will be able to make a warranty claim. I believe the gears up at the release are a mix of metal and plastic and I honestly wouldn't stress then (plastic parts) releasing the top in cold weather.

    I always believed that the convertible top was designed not to work below 40 degrees F .....which might be incorrect.

    However, again, if I'm incorrect and your post concerned the movement of the top itself to the fully down/up positions, then Muzz258 advise was totally correct.

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