Hey all, first post here and apparently I can't post pics yet so I'll do my best to describe. I have a 2013 bmw 320xi, 110,000 miles on it. Last week was hit by a kid coming off of a highway who just skipped over the 1st lane and plowed right into my car. I'm waiting to hear back from his insurance company, but wanted to get some opinions from you guys also. Side skirt is missing, both passenger doors are heavily damaged (rear passenger side you can see the road from the back seat now), I can only use the key fob to open and lock everything now. Back passenger door is completely out of line. I haven't even tried to open either door for fear of not being able to get them closed again. Also scratches on the front and rear panels. So basically both passenger side doors would need to be replaced, new side skirt, new front and rear panels, fix the locks, unsure of frame damage, but it looks slightly bent too. Luckily no one was hurt, but not something i feel like dealing with now.