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Thread: E34 520i m50 non vanos Oil Leak

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    E34 520i m50 non vanos Oil Leak


    I have an oil leak between gearbox and engine block so rear of engine.
    It doesn't seem to leak when the car is off. only when running more so when revving.

    I first thought the Oil pan gasket was the culprit but it would leak when engine is off if that was the case?

    Would it be the rear main seal? or is there anything else to check first?

    Definitely engine oil leaking not gearbox oil or power steering fluid.


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    Trace it up if you can. It's possible it's even as high as the valve cover gasket, which is a much easier fix than a rear main. They're prone to leaking at the half moons at the rear of the head.

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    Thanks for the response, would it only leak when under load though?
    Revs go up and down on idle too from 1k rpm to 500rpm feel like there maybe too much pressure building in crankcase?
    Would the 2 be related?

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