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Thread: Po171 code

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    Po171 code

    Have an 09 328i xdrive that recently wouldnt start. Had towed to dealer and they replaced battery and cleared codes. Started and ran fine for a few days then same issue. Only thing showed up was 4x4 faliure. I reset codes and car started. Happened again a few days later and same thing. Now it runs fine and starts fine but the service engine light came on and it is throwing a lean code. My valve cover is leaking oil and was wondering would this cause the issue of it not starting. It would crank until battery went dead and wouldn't even act as if was about to fire. I dont want to spend the money replacing gasket and possible valve cover if it happens to be the filter on it and then have it not start again. Any help in this? The dealer will not even speak to me about anything without paying to have them do work first then tell me what they did.

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    No, only a massive vacuum leak would prevent the engine from starting.

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