Hey all,
First time posting, been rooting around here for a while. I have finally narrowed down my problem in my car (limp mode, random misfires, generally crap running) after replacing coils, plugs, injectors, all sorts of gaskets, vacuum lines etc. still running crappy, last night playing around with bimmergeeks protool I looked at the HPFP PSI and it was down near 700Psi. I've read that operating pressure should be around 1200 or more, so I am looking for some help first question:
1. does anyone have stock HPFP they are trying to get rid of?
2. I am planning on doing some modest mods once I get the car dialed in. instead of replacing with OEM HPFP, should I upgrade to a better one? I plan on ending mods at around 550hp plan on doing turbos charge pipe wastegate down pipes tune etc etc.

any info helps Thanks!