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Thread: 2000 BMW E46 wagon

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    2000 BMW E46 wagon

    Selling a 2000 BMW E46 wagon with 15x,xxx miles. Iím going to try to cover everything to make it a quicker sale.
    I bought the car in pristine condition with bmw of Atlanta service paperwork with 64,000 miles on it. I didnít maintain maintenance through bmw of Atlanta since it is far from me but I used A1 import of Carrollton for service and maintaining and have all receipts.
    1 year ago it started losing power I took into shop and had valve cover and valve cover gasket replaced (supposedly common issue). Have all the paperwork for top end rebuild.
    Ran like a top.
    Had lower and upper control arms replaced on front end (supposedly common issue) and the power steering pump broke off and had it replaced from a new BMW model as requested by owner of A1. Put new tires on it put a new battery on it and started a job working out of town. I was out of town for two months came back to a dead battery and car running sluggish. In an effort to not screw the car up since I had so many dollars tied up in it I left it alone (probably worst idea) so now I have a 3-series wagon that is fading and needs some love to get it back road ready.

    New tires
    Recent radiator
    Tinted windows
    New OEM power steering pump (E92?)
    New OEM control arms on front
    Ceramic brakes lifetime warranty
    Sport mode
    M3 steering wheel

    Radio display doesnít work
    Cant get the hood open
    1 small dime sized paint chip from a golf ball
    Rear door handle cover missing (door still works just a plastic cover)
    Does run but runs sluggish

    Not sure how to post pictures as I am new to this but reach out and I have plenty

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    automatic or manual?

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    Hey man how can I contact you? Can you shoot me a pm?
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