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Thread: Technic add-a-sub harness vs. AudioControl LC2i LOC

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    Technic add-a-sub harness vs. AudioControl LC2i LOC

    Hi all.. I have a 2017 X3 non-HK.

    I'm looking at adding a mono-amp and sub setup. Reviews for the Technic harnesses are impressive allowing for easy integration and connected LOC with RCA outputs (no need to splice stock wiring)..

    My question is concerning the quality of the attached LOC.. Wondering it the AudioControl LC2i LOC would offer better sound output signal level? (or does it matter?) It features functions like "AccuBass" allowing for adjustment of bass rolloff. Also the Pro version can use the audio signal from wiring as a remote turnoff.. This is an advanced features not found in the regular LC2i or most other LOCs.

    So... If I'm comfortable tapping the speaker wires (not rocket science) am I better off just going with LC2i? Any advantages of the Technic harness I'm missing?
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    The LOC, as you know, merely steps down the speaker level signals to line level signals. This is done via a transformer and some circuitry. Itís not rocket science. This LOC appears to be made in India so quality is a question. The Audio Control goes for $100 on Amazon. Depends on your budget. If you can take the $100 hit, go for the Audio Logic.

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