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Thread: Vehicle Order file XML

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    Vehicle Order file XML

    I broke my vehicle during update program and need original VO file.

    If anyone out there has the ability to do this, or knows who I could contact to get one of these for my car, I would very much appreciate it.




    I have been struggling with an unknown issue past 6 months.

    I have a BMW z4 35i 2010 with 25k mileage on it.
    I am getting PT CAN cummunication error message.
    So far I have replaced DSC - EKP - DME - JBE - SZL
    Also have checked all the wiring many times.

    Engine runs smoothly both cold and warm.
    I get this error after the engine warms up, for example, after 15 minutes of idle and the engine warms up. Car in in N position I hit the gas pedal and RPM goes above 3000 it happens. XMAS TREE

    It also happens when the car is cold and I hit a bumper or a bad road.

    Also when the issue is there the rev counter RPM halts. for example, I hit the gas pedal in N or P position and reach 6k rpm and RPM halts on 3500 (any number) and then goes up to 6000 and the same thing happens when it is coming down. it halts on for example rev counter halts on 4000 and then 2500 and sometimes it goes to zero and...

    When the issue is there (engine warm) when I go to D gear suddenly a slip happens in the gearbox.

    Is there any sensor for RPM? IS it related to PT CAN COMMUNICATION ERROR.
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    Dear @Shogun. Why did you combined two threads. They were about different issues.
    One is about my PT CAN error.
    One is for getting VO

    - - - Updated - - -

    And also my car is 2010 e89, It is transferred into wrong section

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    You should be easily able to read original VO from CAS or FRM with NCS Expert program (part of INPA pack).

    What is your EXACT error code you are getting?

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