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Thread: JBavarian Review - STAY AWAY - Horrible Customer Service

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    JBavarian Review - STAY AWAY - Horrible Customer Service

    Just wanted to post about the worst customer service I’ve experienced (in the car community) - apologies on the length:

    On 7/29/20: I purchased a painted Z4M tow hook cover (Interlagos Blue) from JBavarian on eBay.

    After a month on exactly 8/29/20 I received a package from JBavarian however it was not a Z4M tow hook cover, it was instead an E90 3 series headlight nozzle cover painted Interlagos Blue...

    Frustrated after waiting a month to receive the wrong item, I message James (owner of JBavarian). I sent messages showing a picture of the incorrect item I received (with the baggy showing the wrong part number). He apologizes and on 9/3/20 he tells me he will get the corrected part painted that week....

    Fast forward a week and a half to 9/14/20, I had been expecting to receive at least a tracking number... I message asking for an update and he says “Let me look into this. Just acknowledging I am receiving your email”.... what??

    Next message on 9/15/20, James says he has “the part in hand” that he’ll again, “get it painted this week”, and “what is the part number on the baggy I sent”... mind you I send the picture and part number in my original complaint noting the error. So I replied asking him to reference my earlier message with the picture and part number... he ignores that and asks me to send it again.... so I replied again with the picture (which shows the bag with the part number on it) and I wrote out the part number so that James couldn’t miss it...

    I wrote to him how it had almost been 2 months and I appreciated a rush on the part... his response was telling:

    “I understand. I paint 25 covers per week for four years straight now. I need to slow down some and not make such mistakes. I'll be in touch.”

    I don’t hear anything and write on 9/21/20 that I’m frustrated that not only was the incorrect part sent but that he said it would be corrected weeks ago and not he says the sale is a “complete mess”. We are in agreement there. Keep in mind I only have 30 days with buyer protection on eBay and I’m on day 23 at this point (add in shipping time and basically he needed to ship that day to avoid buyer protection expiring).

    I decided enough is enough, James is either A) incompetent B) disorganization or C) is lying to me or all the above...

    Called BMW and they said they would order the part and have it painted locally all for about $100 and ETA is by the end of the week... anyway wanted to share my miserable experience with JBavarian. I honestly believe the guy is “understaffed”, but that does not justify the shitty customer service and the clear lack of urgency on rectifying the situation.
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    I wish I had read this before I ordered from this company & James. After about 2 weeks of not hearing from him, he replied with
    “Sorry for this delay. I spent all of last week and traveled back this weekend. Family members passed. I am very behind but always committed to sorting all of this out as soon as I can. I sincerely apologize. It will take me all week to catch up.”
    Then 3 days after he wrote:
    Sir, I am here and want to take care of you. I am working with Shopify to....and I am embarrassed to get my account back after being hacked. Should be resolved today.
    Hang in there. I provide wonderful work for half what the dealership charges.”
    Then 6 days after:
    “In hospital, had a severe anxiety attack. Need some time.”

    I am requesting a refund as it seems he has a lot going on. Unfortunately makes him unreliable. I don’t think he’ll be able to fulfill my order anytime soon.

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