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Thread: E28 Restomod - The beginning of the M5 slayer

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    Cool E28 Restomod - The beginning of the M5 slayer

    OK well the M5 slayer indeed, haha. The plan for the car is to build into my own self interpretation of what an e28 M5 could have been. The base car is a southern US 528e with a really decent chassis and pretty much everything else is rough. Lots of work ahead of me...

    This past month or so has been cleaning and fixing odds and ends wrong (bad wiring, antenna, door handles, speedo, valve adjustment, interior bits changes, new shifter, new OBC, mirror switch, window switches, etc. etc)... Lots of repairs. The plan over this coming winter is to tackle suspension and brakes, and stick on a nice set of 17" BBS RC090's that are in the garage waiting.

    Coilovers, big brakes, all new suspension bits, and hopefully if I can locate one, an LSD all this winter. Which means next winter is engine swap time, and we'll be putting something nice with an "M" logo on it in there. (S54, S62 or S38... likely the S54)

    Will continue to update the build via youtube, subscribe and follow along if you are interested!

    Take care everyone.
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