Everything is possible but what would be the best donor to build a 100+kw up to 1600cc NA BMW engine (competition use) with most reasonable budget?
My thoughts:
1. Use N43B16 engine. Standard is 90kw but limited to none performance parts available. New exhaust, some wotk to the head + remap should do 100kw but that probably is the limit? No solid lifters available means redline at 7000rpm?
2. Make Take a M44 engine and use 1,6 block (N45). I want to keep it a light as possible so any aluminium block. Not sure about the fitment.. But idea is high compression, new cams, modified head, solid lifters, more rpm (should) do 110+kW?
3. Something else?

Could not find any threads about 1600 build. Couple of 318is tuners where I got the idea of using this as base and make it 1600cc.