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Thread: tii starting issue

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    tii starting issue

    I finally got my 72 2002tii running. Had to change Kugelfischer belt. Then the fuel pressure valve on the pump, which I had removed for inspection, began leaking. I had to move the car and because of this leak, it barely ran and I used to switched cold start valve to get it to limp back into my driveway. I fixed the leaking pressure regulator with a replacement o ring. Now the car won't start. It struggles to start and will run momentarily with the cold start injector actuated but dies immediately. Any suggestions what the cause may be? Can injection pump belt come out of proper alignment from the rough running? Any help greatly appreciated.

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    I have never had to or seen a tii injection pump go bad or really had to replace any attaching parts on the pump. We had more problems with worn throttle body shafts and idle problems, we would rebush the throttle body and that would take care of that. Either find a shop who are well versed in the tii or find a factory repair manual so you have some point of reference

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    Search you'll have better luck there.

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