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Thread: F01 Drivetrain malfuction/Misfiring

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    F01 Drivetrain malfuction/Misfiring

    Hello all I recently posted about my engine misfiring in the third cylinder. All of you said to swap the coil pack to see it that's the problem so I swapped cylinder 3 and 2 and ended up getting a misfire in cylinder 2 so I bought a new coil and replaced it. The car was running smooth until 50 miles later it misfired again. I turned the car on and off and it went away for about 3 and 4 times I noticed that I would get a drive train malfunction when I would drive fast in sport mode but now the check engine light wont go away so I checked my scanner and it says the third cylinder is misfiring again even though the car has brand new sparks in it and I swapped the coil with a good one. I read that it could be because it put 87 regular gas in my car instead of premium but I doubt it since the third cylinder keeps misfiring any help would be appreciated thanks!

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    Use OEM spark plugs. I've seen this become and issue or maybe you trq them to much and it cracked. You can swap spark plug to another cyl and see if it will migrate underload. If it is still misfiring on cly 3, you need to do a leak down and compression test.

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    I just got my 2013 740Li drivetrain malfunction and randomly misfiring too, and after googled up, seem like reset transmission will works. At least mine was fixed.
    Get in the car
    Closed the door.
    Turns engine on (but do not start the engine)
    Depress gas pedal all the way down and hold for about 30 seconds
    Release the gas pedal, then open the door, and then closed the door.
    Now start the engine.
    After I done that, engine light goes away, I do get the drivetrain malfunction warning anymore.
    Car drive like it used to (but only less than 50 miles so far)
    Hope it help.

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