Hey Guys,

Have done lots of work to fix this rough-idle/power loss after long idle or long drive. No Smoke detecter been attempted yet.

Here is what I have changed not all at the same time but over few years. Will start with most recent but I still have

P0170 Trim Bank1
P1396 CrankShaft Position sensor segment timing plausibility
P0134 02 Circuit No Activity detected Bank 1 sensor 1
P1182 02 Sensor Bank1 sensor 2 open circuit During coast down fuel cut off
P0301 Cylinder 1 Misfire detected
p1183 02 Sensor Bank2 sensor 2 open circuit during coast fuel cut off

Here what I have done

No Cat
New Spark Plugs
New Oil rings for spark plugs
New Casket kit that came whit the above plugs
Flashed the ECU to surpass speed limit of 128 MPH
New Cam shaft sensor
New Crank shaft sensor
New Fuel filter
New Fuel injectors
New Fuel two lines
New intake boot but three years old now.
New 4 oxygen sensors but got burned again due to no cat.