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Thread: Fuel Tank Removal & Pumps

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    Fuel Tank Removal & Pumps

    The fuel tank(s) on my '83 320i leaks when it is completely full. Being a do it once, do it right kind of guy, I am going to remove the tanks and replace all the seals, hoses, gaskets, the (internal) boost pump, main (external) fuel pump, and sensor. I was rather taken aback by the cost of replacement boost pump assembly. That said, Rock Auto and AutoZone have aftermarket Spectra pumps, which are over $100 cheaper than the "genuine BMW" pumps from ESC, FCP, Turner and Pelican Parts, which range from $412 to $450. Does anyone have experience with Spectra pumps? Are they cheap Chinese made pieces of garbage? Do they last? My gut feel is to bite the bullet and go with the more expensive "genuine BMW" brand; however, since I only spent $4300 for the car in the first place, spending 10% of the value of the car for one pump seems a bit over the top, and I still have to buy the main pump, hoses, seals, gaskets, clamps etc.

    I'm also wondering if I should replace the warm-up regulator, pressure reservoir and expansion tank as well. Yes, I am going to clean the tank in the process.
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    I bought the spectra, the top studs to hold the level sending unit arenít welded right, so one was too far out and snapped when putting the unit in. Iím buying the genuine bmw. From all the parts on rockauto and cheaper distributors, youíll save yourself a lot of heartache buying Bosch and BMW the first time.

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    Seems like such a waste doesn't it? Most vehicles only have one main pump.

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    I bought an Airtex e8196h about a year ago for ~$125 for my 81 and haven't had any issues. I'm not driving the car hard and had a lot of stuff to fix. I might have spent the extra if I didn't need to put so much money into fixing other stuff.

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    I also have the airtex works good got it off amazon for around $100 also.

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    I'm using an Airtex in tank fuel pump as well-simply clean the filter foot for longevity or replace when dirty. VDO is way too expensive-- a money pit..

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    My intank pump has been silent for at least 10 years . Don't really need it, unless hard cornering (to the right) with less than 1/4 of fuel is a common occurrence...

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