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Thread: 2019 440i xdrive cabriolet, where the things are? lol. Help this noob please

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    2019 440i xdrive cabriolet, where the things are? lol. Help this noob please

    My dad bought a 2019 BMW 440i xdrive cabriolet. "Demo unit." With "Premium Package Enhanced" as BMW Canada calls it.

    I took the time to go through the manual. Unfortunately this manual doesn't answer some questions and illustrations don't quite match car.

    On the left hand side inside the trunk is a storage compartment, which is empty. I can't seem to find what it's for or if anything is supposed to be there. See this picture.

    Left side picture is the actual compartment with the lid opened up. Right side shows the zoomed out view of trunk's left side so you know what I'm referring to.

    open compartment zoomed in.jpgtrunk zoom out.jpg

    What's supposed to be in there?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here is a photo of what's under the base lid of the trunk, the lid that flips up.

    The manual makes reference to a tire compressor tool with sealant bottle and says it's supposed to be here. Where is it?

    The car has runflat tires btw, but the manual doesn't suggest that cars with RFT's won't have a sealant+compressor tool.

    under trunk base.jpg

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    If you have RFTs, you don’t get the tire repair kit. The left rear compartment is for storage, where you can keep small tools, wheel lock keys, etc.

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    I keep the key to my lug bolts. That’s about all that will fit. You can store something about 1/2 inch thick on the right side and the top at least on mine doesn’t hit. Everything is very tight back there.

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