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Thread: The 535 that Could

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    Quote Originally Posted by circuit.heart View Post
    I see FY glass used a lot here - had it on my old wagon as well. Should be pretty solid.

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    I think this means you're getting old, Dane.
    - Brent

    Quote Originally Posted by danespann View Post
    Every E34 needs the same things in the end.

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    With too many other cars taking up my attention lately, I’ve just been neglecting and driving this thing. Good car.

    Drove it up to Flagstaff and back quite a few times.

    Pulling back into my driveway from work one day last week, I got a battery light. Car started overheating slightly by the time I was backing it into the garage. The belt I’ve been meaning to change for a long time decided to let go.

    I decided to just change all 3 belts for new seeing as I have to cut the AC belt to get it off anyways.

    Of course, the power steering belt has started slipping after a couple days of break-in, so I’ll revisit it and tighten all the belts again after a week.

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