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Thread: Replaced flywheel and clutch assembly, doesn't seem to release though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spyderg0d View Post
    Lets say you have the tob in correctly.. It sits out from the arm because its resting on the tabs. If You twist the tob while its still on the shaft, 90 degrees, and push it in. It sinks deeper into the arm by about an inch and is now contacing the arm by the plastic that is the backside of the bearing rather than the housing of the tob. This keeps the tob from pressing the pressure plate far enough to release the clutch. But its enough to keep the slave from repturing.
    Is it possible to re orient the throwout bearing while trans is still on? Say from a 1in drilled inspection hole?

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    Wow... old thread. Anyway, no you can't. TOB goes over the input shaft on the transmission.
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