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Thread: 2017 X1 (F48) Bypass Code

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    2017 X1 (F48) Bypass Code

    Does anyone know when BMW is going to release these codes so I can get an aftermarket remote start installed?

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    They're not going to release any codes for anything. Especially so that end users can add some aftermarket junk to their vehicles.

    Remote start has always been regarded as a safety issue with BMW. They've resisted putting it on their cars until just recently. Some later model cars have it as an option, and a few of the vehicles it can be added to. I've seen one or two aftermarket systems installed and they were total garbage. They required a key to be in the vehicle at all times. Which means the car could be stolen and driven away at any time just by breaking a window and climbing in. They have the key stuffed way up under the dash where it can be read by the antennas in the vehicle.
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    Good answer

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