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Thread: Steering wheel tilt problem

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    Steering wheel tilt problem

    Hey everyone
    I have a BMW 530d G30 from 2017. I bought the car used 6 months ago. At that time the car had run 26.000 kilometers. The BMW is bought with the comfort seats which includes the automatically adjustable steering wheel.
    When you turn the car on, the steering wheel should go down. The first 3 months there was no problems. Then it started to do it sometimes, and I actually didnít think so much about it. But now, almost every time I turn the car on it stops. And then I need to tap the - tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. And then it will be in the right position.
    I can send you an video just text my email:
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    If your video is online somewhere,. share the link with the forum. Many people are not fond of sharing their email addresses.

    Your post was moved to the model specific area. Good luck with getting your issue resolved.

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