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Thread: Stacking spring pads M Roadster

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    Stacking spring pads M Roadster

    Hi, I wanted to raise my M roadster slightly after doing H&R springs a few months back. The rear sits slightly lower.

    My question, I don't think has been addressed before or I'm having a tough time finding it. I decided to add a second 7.5mm pad, cut out the center to slip over the bump stop of the original one, and installed above the spring. I like the ride height now but I am second guessing and just want to be sure.

    The stacked pads fit securely and the spring still has footing on the nub.

    My question is for those doing this, is it proper to stack the pads above the spring or below? Does it matter, and if it does could you explain why?


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    The rear springs should be able to accept both upper/lower pads.
    Why not install a single lower 15mm pad?

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