I would like to express my late experience with this company and the way they handled this situation I'm in with their spline crank hub fix product.I reached out to Chris and the response from him was that they can send me a V2 option which is much stronger and has warranty on parts and labor. When the V1 that I have and I quote has "no non-spun guarantee" nor warranty. what?!! They sell parts that have no warranty? Then why did most of us F80-F82 owner changed an OEM part to stone thing better and to find out that this is becoming a problem and more people report or others are afraid to report due to legal crap their problems.

And Tony, yes, as others stated here he is something else. I was, and am frustrated over this situation and in my email to him I said this is just unfortunate and bull...it and he replies to my email "why am I cussing"??? If for him $1700 labor only is nothing to us others here it is something. How about to others that spun already?! That's gonna be $30k in parts and labor right?

Unprofessional the way these guys handle this kind of distress that us S55 owners have now due to their faulty parts. Hopefully someone reads this before I get banned.
Full disclosure, I didn't spin the crank, but based on all the information I gathered in the last week it's a matter of time. I would advise others out there to look into reviews that Tony and his company Vargasturbo has out there on bmw forums and Yelp, before ordering any other parts from them.