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Thread: Auto to manual conversion?

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    Auto to manual conversion?

    I have a 128i (n52) with 90k miles and torque converter vibration. Warranty may not cover it and give me back the $1,800 I paid. I owe too much $ on this car and selling or trading is not feasible. I have done manual conversions on e36s but I changed out the engine harness in order to delete EWS and the transmission computer. I can get all the conversion parts from a manual 328 or 330 at local junkyard but I am not familiar with the computers used on anything newer than an e46. Is there a way to convert to manual without changing out the harness? Can the DME be flashed to ignore the errors associated with this swap? This is Florida and there is no inspections or emissions testing and I dont care about error lights on dash, as long as it functions properly.

    I guess for $1,800 I could just fix the torque converter but what's the challenge/fun in that? It's not my daily driver, but the car that gets me around when I dont feel like using my truck
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    I would just fix it if it was me. The GM trannies on those cars are very reliable (at least I'm assuming it's the GM tranny. It was definitely the GM tranny used in the 3 series with N52).

    The hardest part will be sourcing the parts to make the swap happen, and then whatever subsequent coding is needed to tell the DME that the EGS is gone, and not to look for it.
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