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Thread: F48 (2016) 8.8 Larger screen retrofit contributions needed

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    Arrow F48 (2016) 8.8 Larger screen retrofit contributions needed

    Hello everyone!
    I'm trying to create a living knowledge base on a not so simple retrofit project I tried to undertake as a newbie on a 2016 F48. I'm currently stuck as I do not have any references or from other forums or deep knowledge on the tools to undertake this job without bricking my car.

    6.5 CID OEM on car MF date:16/02/2016
    8.8 CID Touch purchased MF date: 10/11/2017

    Additionally Required:

    Mistakes made:
    1. Bought a later (2017) model year touch screen (was cheaper and wrongly assumed it would work as the connectors where identical).
      1. Expected: Screen has power but is blank (this supposedly means that it just needs simple coding changes to work)
      2. Actual: Screen powered up and "No-Signal" message displayed on screen (this supposedly means its not compatible - at this point I believe its a software incompatibility issue based on reading this forum:

    2. I tried the coding changes (from this post: anyway to see if will work and no luck the "No-Signal" message remained on screen.
      1. Coding changes I applied using Bimmercode:
        1. DISPLAY_SIZE_RESOLUTiON = 8.8_ 1280x480
        2. DISPLAY_VARIANTE = breites

    What I learned:

    1. Simplest approach was to purchase the 8.8 screen within the same model year of the car I had
    2. Read up on the differences in the head units thats on the car and their general compatibility:
      1. In terms of software and hardware (such as CIC / NBT / NBT EVO)
        1. Here is a good resource:

      2. Pre-LCI > LCI (Facelift)
        1. Resource: Please search for LCI on the page

    What I'm looking forward to:
    1. Clean documentation on how to complete this retrofit with the 8.8 touch screen
    2. Community contributions towards the above for the greater good

    Many thanks in advance!

    8_8 No Signal.jpeg
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    Closing this post with the note that on reading all the other forums and the extensive flashing process requirements using Esys and many risks and failures others have had, it was more realistic for me to just purchase another 8.8 OEM CID (without touch) that matches the NBT_HU hardware I had and do the fast and easy bimmercode app code changes and get it working!

    Good luck to any others that want to dive into this adventure thru using Esys or other robust tools or going the route I chose.

    8.8_2017 Non Touch Working.jpg
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