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Thread: New M2 owner

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    New M2 owner

    Just purchased a 2020 M2 Comp. Took a test ride and i was immediately sold. This is my first BMW (first non-domestic car actually) so please forgive elementary questions. The dealer/finance guy gave me some conflicting information so please clarify.

    Salesman said they offer a free "break-in" service at 1500 miles where all fluids are changed. True? I've never heard of this. Then, 3 free oil changes about every 10k miles. Seems like a lot.
    Finance guy said the OEM tires are run flats. I don't think so. True?


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    Not run flats.

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    Yes, you need to a 'break-in' service - opinions vary but between 1k and 1.5k miles is typical. Opinions also vary on how to properly break-in the car during this period, and while I'm new to this forum too, no doubt this is covered ad nauseam elsewhere on this site. But I do encourage you to educate yourself and determine your own approach.

    Run flats on an M2C? Nope. Your dealer's been sniffing too much gas.

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