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Thread: E46 "Seems Legit Garage" Ford 8.8

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    E46 "Seems Legit Garage" Ford 8.8

    So our E46 is just finished. 2JZ 6466 @ 20 PSI and it already broke the axles. Plan is to raise the boost up to 30 PSI so this got me thinking i'm better of with swapping a 8.8 rear end already and stop investing in the M3 rear end with DSS axles.

    I came across this:

    Does anyone have experience with these guys?

    Thanks in advance

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    Looks good if $3650 is no big deal. That does not include the diff but building a Ford diff is not as expensive. Figure on at least $4k by the time you are done.

    In my E36M3 with fully built turbo S52, I run DSS axles, a slightly modified stock subframe and an E32 750il 210mm 3.15 LSD. I have spent $1,200 (but shopped patiently and carefully). No issues on the street or drag strip with 600-700 rwhp and I have no doubt it would hold 800 rwhp or more. I know of others drag racing with the same parts and that much power.

    But your $4000 option looks good.

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