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Thread: 350 small block swap

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    350 small block swap

    Hi I have a 95 525i I'm trying to find any information about swapping to a 350 small block. My intention is to turn it into a drift only racecar but am having trouble finding info for the swap. I don't want to LS swap too many out there. Plus my brother is running a chevy 350 small block in his 240sx and we want to be able to have the same replacement parts on hand for the track. Thanks for any help.

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    The forum has a section dedicated to engine swaps. There's lots of info there about putting LS motors in BMW's. Perhaps a moderator can move this thread to that section.
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    The engine ends up being one of the least expensive items for the swap...LS is the only way to go. I've not read of an early model SBC swap into a 5 series...and certainly haven't heard of kits for that particular engine.

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    Too many LS's lol

    BRB, gimping my swap cause too many LS's!

    I'm putting a Ford 302 in my E30, but if I could do it all again it'd be LS all day every day. No reason to be unique, LS is the way to go. You don't win anything for being unique and slower.
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    You need to modify the outdated overweight sbc significantly to even make stock ls hp. I don't get it, put an ls in yours, tell your brother to ls swap and you can share parys..��

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    It seems a matter of perceived convenience for the OP.
    Biggest hurdle for using SBC will be converting to front sump, the reason SBF are a somewhat popular choice.

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