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Thread: 2016 X3 x28d - New owner saying Hello

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    2016 X3 x28d - New owner saying Hello

    Greetings All,

    I've been a longtime lurker and then member in order to search the forums properly, and this weekend I became a first-time BMW owner.

    We picked up a 2016 dark sea blue X3 with the 4-banger diesel, having just swapped from a VW Jetta TDI. We've only put a hundred miles on it, after the original owner put 49,500 during his/her lease. The car would have been a CPO (BMW certified it and tried to sell it as CPO last year, but no takers so they sold it at auction) but we got it from a smaller dealer in Madison, WI.

    On the slim chances that the original owner was/is a member here, just wanted to say the SAV is in excellent condition inside and out. It drives virtually like new but it's going to need new tires sooner rather than later. It did get new brakes on all corners while at the dealer.

    Otherwise I'm here to learn and be an active forum member, thank you in advance for having me.

    I'll post a pic when I can figure out how...

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    Hello fellow 2016 X3 28d new owner. My Vehicle is Black, 44k and also appears to be in excellent condition. I really like it, but have become a little nervous with some issues that have emerged:
    - brought it in to the my local BMW dealer for recall correction and a diesel smell in the cabin Both were corrected under warranty
    - I asked the dealer if the Instrument Cluster should have this slightly brighter (grey instead of black) rectangular area located in the lower right side? see pic. They said that this was normal.

    I was wondering if this is what your Instrument Cluster looks like at night with headlights on?

    Finally, unfortunately I just recently got an alert: Drive Train Malfunction with check engine light and to drive moderately. It is parked in the driveway and is going back to the dealership on Monday. Will post the outcome. Is this normal?

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