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Thread: m54 Crank NO start!!!!!

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    m54 Crank NO start!!!!!

    Ok yes it's an X3. 2006 3.0 X3 to be exact, but it's pretty much the same engine as the E46 and there are a whole lot more E46 gurus out there.
    So if you like a good puzzle have at it:

    Picked up the car cheap (gosh I wonder why...) 125,000K very clean. Clean car fax with only dealer service.

    Symptoms: Car will crank, good dash lights, good door beep with key, but no sustained start. Replaced battery with brand new (put on charger to keep at peak). Replaced fuel pump and PSI regulator. Checked ground straps and even added a body to ground wire (just to be sure). Replaced BOTH CAM sensors and Crank sensor with good ones (used but known to be good). Fuel rail has good pressure. Has good spark. Cylinders are NOT washed.

    Sometimes the car will catch and sputter a bit. Here is the weird part: when I was checking for good fuel pressure I removed the schrader valve core and put a line from there to a gas can. I can visually see the pump kick on and it pumps fuel. When the pressure is reduced from the fuel rail the car will idle for short periods of time. Strange. So I'm thinking it is a computer problem where as the engine keeps flooding.

    As a side note if I pull the fuel pump fuse and spray starting fluid directly into the throttle body the car will start and run for short periods of time.

    Error codes from INPA:
    31CD Kurbeiwellengeber: signal
    2766 Nockenwellengeber Einiass: Signaldauer
    2783 Heibfilm-Luftmassenmesser
    2800 Botschaft (I-Kombi 2) Von Der Instrumentenkombination fehlt
    2809 Botschaft

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    Have you run the error codes through Google translate? It gives you crank sensor, cam inlet sensor and MAF issues.

    Have you tried to run the engine with the MAF disconnected? It causes the DME to use Alpha-N values for air fuel mixture, slightly rich, but if engine runs then its the MAF that's bad.

    It almost sounds like you have a very rich fuel situation:
    - idles when fuel rail pressure is down
    - run when starter fluid used

    Very rich is caused by too much fuel or not enough air.
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    Thanks for the reply. I agree with your assessment of a to much fuel. Just can't figure out why?

    Attempted to start without MAF plugged in: no change.
    Removed Idle control valve cleaned it and tested it, reinstalled.
    Removed DISA valve, still serviceable.

    Starting to think maybe it's just the DME has crapped out. I'm stumped. Might spend the $90 and get it tested.
    I thought I had read somewhere about a bad signal from a temp sensor can give a "fllood" signal so will swap out the block temp sensor.
    Suggestions welcomed...
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    $100 to whomever gives me the solution. I'm stumped!

    Had to change log it due to lost password.

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    What it is NOT:
    Harness replaced
    Idle control valve removed, cleaned, tested.
    DISA replaced with serviceable unit.
    Throttle body replaced with serviceable unit
    All injectors removed, tested and cleaned.
    Replaced Crank sensor and both CAM sensors with serviceable units
    Repaired all vacuum leaks
    New fuel pump and PSI regulator
    Has spark, new plugs
    Ground strap is good
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    It really could just be flooded. Check compression.

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    Ya they had that issue on the e46 that would cause the injectors to put to much gas in and wash the rings down, I haven't seen an x3 do it. At this point you might as well check compression to get that out of the way

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    If I remove the schrader valve on the fuel rail, run a line to an external gas can, thus relieving pressure off the injectors, it will start. I can then rev it up almost normally. When at anything above around 3000RPM I can then pinch off the fuel line and it will continue to run. However, it won't idle normally.

    Wash down was early on the list. If it was lack of compression I don't think it would run as above. Additionally, I sent off the DME and had it, "repaired". While I don't have 100% faith in the DME, I also don't think it would run as above if it was just the DME. My suspicion is that there is a short somewhere that is giving the DME a bad signal and thus flooding it out on a normal start, but that just a theory.

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    This thing is making me questioning my life choices

    2006 X3 3.0 M54 with about 120K
    Picked it up off of Craigslist for cheap. Very clean. I knew it was a problem child but I figured I could figure it out.

    General symptoms are a crank no start situation. So now we go down the rabbit hole...

    Replaced battery with new.
    New plugs, has good spark.
    Replaced fuel pump and psi regulator with new.
    Swapped the following with serviceable units:
    Crank sensor
    Both Cam sensors
    DISA valve
    Idle control valve
    Throttle body
    Sensor wiring harness
    Coolant temp sensor
    Ground strap in good shape

    Tested continuity of all fuses. Replaced little fuse box (30amp) by DME.
    Swapped Transmission computer with donor from junkyard.
    Removed radio and Bluetooth module in trunk to prevent CAN bus interference.
    Got new key from dealer.

    Removed intake manifold and replaced broken vacuum line. Removed and cleaned all injectors and checked for proper operation.

    So now I figure it’s the DME. Send off to a DME shop. $300 later same same. (I'm still not totally convinced it's not the DME, experience with DME shop was questionable)

    Here is the weird part. If I remove the Schrader valve off the fuel rail and run a line to an external fuel can (I initially did this to check for good fuel pressure and flow) It will start and run. It doesn't idle very well but I can rev it up to 3000 and above and it sound pretty good. Might be missing on one but it runs ok. As long as I hold the rpm steady it will run. I can then pinch off the fuel line coming off the rail and it will still run. This leads me to believe it is getting flooded at start from a bad signal.

    I do have INPA and ISTA+
    Unfortunately the INPA is all in German but it basically shows the same thing as the ISTA+
    Various random codes are present (seat sensor etc)

    Then the meat:
    00271A DME: oxygen sensor before cat. Conv. Bank 1 signal Millage 208544
    Under details:
    Fault types
    Fault currently present
    Short circuit to positive
    Fault does not cause warning lamp to light up
    Environment conditions:
    Frequency: 1
    Logistics counter: 40
    Mileage/Km reading 208544 km
    SAE diagnostic trouble code: P0132
    Exhaust tem model for interface: 16c
    Resistance of hot oxygen sensor before cat, bank 1 255 ohm
    Voltage, oxygen sensor before cat. Bank 1: 1.84 V
    Time after starting: 0s

    002722 DME: oxygen sensor before cat. Conv. Bank 2 signal Millage 208544
    Details exactly the same as above

    0054C4 VTG: calibration faulty Mileage 208544
    0054C4 VTG: Oil wear
    005EB1 DSC: steering-angle sensor, supply Millage 208550
    005F3A DSC: Transfer case: Malfunction Mileage 208550

    Even if I unplug the O2 sensors I can’t clear the codes. Swapped serviceable ones no change. I know it’s easy to mix up pre and post but these are the round/oval ones so no problem there. Now that I’m writing this I can’t help but think there is a correlation between the O2 codes and the VTG codes given that the mileage occurrence is exactly the same.
    Not sure where to go from here. Will inspect for transmission wire damage under vehicle.

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