I wanted to get some insight on a couple things from folks with Dinan SC and RMS Aftercooler. Just installed aftercooler and stewart water pump. I already had euro oil cooler. Pulleys are original from Dinan and have Vortech V2 supercharger.

Did a spirited run. Mostly 5000-7000rpm. Ambient temp 45-55F.

All readings from using BlueDriver OBD2 Reader reading Live Data with all sensors in stock locations. Coolant is 50/50 BMW Antifreeze.

Engine Coolant Temp 190-203F
Intake Air Temp never went beyond 133F
Mass Air Flow Rate highest 26lb/min

1) Are the temps in line with what I should be seeing with RMS Aftercooler?
2) What sensors should I install and where? Boost, etc.
3) Reader has a lot of options to read. Anything I should focus on?

I have 42lb injectors and 803 MAF with RK tune but want to ensure I have everything running right first before installing.

1) What boost level is okay before the headgasket and studs need to be updated? 8psi? Best way to do it. SC pulley or crank pulley.
2) Recommendations on blow off valve?
3) Looking for reliability over absolute power. Used for fun runs and HPDE.

Thanks in advance.