I have an assortment of pulleys that I do not need.

Located in 93644 (Oakhurst, CA)
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RMS Spacing is different than Dinan. You can use them on Dinan bracket setups but it requires a custom tensioner and custom work to the SC pulley.
ERT / ESS are the really old SC setups you occasionally see kicking around. Both Powerdyne and Vortech based. These are not compatible with Dinan or RMS.

RMS 7" Modular 8-Rib - $400 Shipped
RMS 6.25" 8-Rib - $300 Shipped
RMS 6" 6-Rib - $250 Shipped

ERT / ESS 6.25" - $150 Shipped
ERT / ESS 4.75" - $100 Shipped