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Thread: rear suspension overhaul PM

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    rear suspension overhaul PM

    E36 M3 sees 25-30 rigorous track days / year.
    Runs on R-comps, never slicks.

    Last major suspension O/H was 4 years ago, so call it 100 days of on-track fun, and no obvious signs of failure.
    But, I need to replace diff bushings, cause new diff. So I'm tempted to bust some knuckles and overhaul it all again; bushings, wheel bearings, everything that moves.

    How long you folks getting out of rear suspension bushings and bearings, and rear wheel bearings, on a track/race car.
    (Reading my own post, 100 days seems like a good number to rebuild everything. )

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    I would slap the diff in and run another 2 years assuming everything was tight. Then drop the subframe for another overhaul.

    Just my 2c. Wish I was getting that kind of abuse in my build instead of 12-15 days a year. I would be a heck of a lot better driver by now!

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    I like that advice.
    The trade-off for me is: 1) Having done it before, and with all the tools, this is job easily done over 2 days. So if something gives way during the season, I can do it quickly. But 2) If it lasts 5 years, I could do it now, and likely never have to worry again about it for this car.

    Being an instructor makes it a bit 'easier' to do 30 days a year.

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