This product was installed on an M3 but it will fit the F30 chassis as well.

So lets start from the beginning.

DELIVERY: Mike shot me a note letting me know i was the winner of the CS Style and we set about getting the delivery sorted. Delivery was a bit hit and miss. The package ended up being shipped to NJ, before being returned, then sent back to NJ, before being re-routed to me in Huntington Beach, CA. The box showed up with the wrong name on, but the right address. Just a simple shipping error, and the spoiler arrived eventually, so no biggie!

PACKAGING: Packaging was solid. Very large box, popcorn inside, bubble wrap on the actual piece. There was enough padding in the box that even with Fedex and UPS's unique take on gentle handling, the spoiler integrity remained. I believe you could have dropped the box off a second story balcony and wouldn't have done any harm.

INSTALL: Before diving into 'install', lets talk uninstall of the OEM spoiler. F.M.L. What a nightmare. Bought 65lb fishing wire in an attempt to try and get spoiler and tape up off the trunk lid. All we did with the wire was cut through the middle of the spongy tape leaving 50% on the spoiler and 50% on the car. 1 hr later, a heat gun, 1 bottle of rubbing alcohol, a lot of shop towels, some goo-gone, and 3 blisters on my finger and thumb tips, we had a clean prepped surface to attach to. I'm sure some learned gent here will enlighten us on a better way to do this, as the removal of the OEM piece is by far the worst part of all of this.

THE KIT: The spoiler comes with enough double sided tape to do three runs down the length of the spoiler. The snobs out there can get your own tape, if needed, but i'm a few weeks in now, and a couple of runs in Mexico and the spoiler is still solid. We even had rain and it hasn't moved.

The spoiler itself required a little shaping where there was some rough and raised edges. A simple razor blade took care of this easily. There were also a couple of rough patches where it might have been taken out the mold or was scuffed before it was packed. The rubbing alcohol cleared some of these up. I'd say, if you are anal to the nth degree about these things, this isn't for you. But you already knew that, as you got the BMW M OEM one anyway. For average Joe looking for a CS style spoiler, you should be very happy. Only a concourse nerd will look for and see these issues.

After one practice run, we applied the three strips of tape to the bottom of the spoiler, took our shot, and landed the spoiler on the trunk lid. We held it down for about 3-5 mins. It was a pretty warm day and that was all it took.

VISUAL IMPRESSIONS: I've always loved the CS and the CS spoiler especially. A chance to snap one up i couldn't resist. I honestly wasn't expecting too much with regards to the quality of the piece but can whole heatedly say i was very pleased. The weave actually looks great IMO. The style is spot on for CS style. Overall, a great piece of kit. It will be staying on my car indefinitely.

FINAL NOTES: i will update the link with more pics as i get them. If you want any kind of pics specifically, i can take them on my phone, other wise our grandkids will be putting their kids into college before i get the professional ones back. Any questions, feel free to ask, and i'll do my best to answer.

Once again a big shout out to Mike for his patience with me. I highly recommend you shoot him a note and get yourself one of these!

Credit also to Brandon and his team @ SMS Euro for help with the install.