Hi guys,
Many years ago i turbo'd my s50b32 and used MS I v3 for the fueling while keeping the ECU controlling the vanos and ignition timing.
It worked incredibly well except for one issue. At idle, i couldn't run 14.7:1 or so, iirc it would start to act odd then shut down. I remember a friend of mine later put MS on his e36 3.0 m3 and it had no issues with the idle. I compared his setup/settings, nothing helped. I fiddled around a good amount to try to get it to work with 14:1, I found that to get a smooth idle, i had to lower AFRs at idle to 11.5:1 or so, which made for rich fuel smell, consumption, and a sluggish kinda feeling in that area, which sucks.
I'm wondering if anyone has since tried MS on the s50b32 and left the ECU to control vanos & ignition timing. and any results they had?