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Thread: E46 330CI Endurance Racer Build

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    E46 330CI Endurance Racer Build

    Hi All,

    Going to kick off a build thread for the successor to my Cough!!! Cough!!! Honda Civic Cough!!! endurance racer. The Civic is great and we do really well when we don't make mistakes but we think we are reaching the edge of the envelope for the platform. It's trophy car when we don't make mistakes but we have to drive as hard as we can to make that happen. Its not that we couldn't continue to develop the car to be much faster we just believe the cost will start going exponentially up. Right now we are running junkyard 2.4l motors and a step to a fully built or turbo motor will push us from $900 motor replacement to $8,000 motor builds. The plan is to keep running the Civic but divert resources to a potentially faster platform.

    At our last race it became really clear to us that the pointy end of field (with the exception of my Civic until we failed an axle) is RWD and with a lot of BMW's. As responsible team lead, I impulse procured a 2001 330CI with a burnt clutch to remedy our issue.

    The Plan for series domination is as follows.
    1.Domestic V8 Power-train
    2.Plenty of rubber, our spec tire runs out to 295 in 18's but we might stop at 275
    3.Fuel Cell at the series limit of 25 gals
    4. Not a lot of money
    5. Hope.

    The objectives of the thread:
    1. To document my build to possibly help others in the future.
    2. To solicit help from the BMW experts on this forum.

    There she is in all of her glory.

    First thing I noticed when I got home was the textbook mushroomed shock tower on the drivers side.

    More to come soon.

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    Might be my computer, but I'm not seeing your pics.

    I'm subscribed to this for inspiration. I'm neck deep in my track build, also a 2001 330Ci, and the plan is similar to yours.

    1. Also a domestic V8 with a 408 LSx.
    2. Tire size not settled on
    3. Installed a 15 gallon ATL cell, not planning on endurance, just TT, maybe ST eventually.
    4. Yeah, about that "not a lot of money" part...
    5. Hope. Plenty of this as well.

    Looking forward to more posts from you on this car. Good luck!

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    Looking forward to updates on this build!

    No pics for me either

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