Hi All,

Ive needed to replace an ABS unit to my late 2006 R56 MINI Cooper S. To ensure i got the right unit I got the part number of it via INPA (6784578) which has ASC+T , then ordered one with the same number via ebay which ive since fitted ( note the part number on the donor pump matches the advert and what i needed). The reason i did this was knowing there are many different versions so knew i needed to get the same number.

I then had three errors...
1) Chassis Number Incorrect - Now recoded with my own chassis via WinKFP
2) Low Brake Fluid - I will rectify once the following is fixed in case i need to return it.
3) Encoding Error

There is the issue of encoding. The part number from INPA differs electronically to what is written on the label of the ABS pump. INPA now tells me 6785682 which im guessing is the reason of the encoding error. I tried NCSExpert to recode but i get a IFH-0009 communication error when interrogating the DSC. All other modules read ok.

Is it a matter of going through WinKFP and entering the ZUSB and recode via that ?