First event of the season was VIR Full in April for 2 days. Used aero for the first time and had trouble with my splitter pulling out of the bumper on day 1. So I took all aero off for day 2. Going through the lower esses in the morning on a damp track, I used too much throttle too early and it snapped around on me. I backed it into the outside tire wall, spun around and caught the front. No frame or suspension damage. Just bent body metal and broken plastic. The roll cage saved it. I have a lot of laps on VIR and I just got complacent. My first off or spin with this car after 35 days with it.
Then I needed to get some oil leaks fixed. Something was wrong with the oil pan because it had previously been heavily RTV'ed and a new OEM gasket wouldn't seal it. Time for a new pan and VAC baffles. I also needed a rear main seal. $2500 on stupid oil leaks.
Finally got back to the track, VIR Full in November for 2 days. The car was perfect. Ran within 2.4 seconds of new tires on 10-day-old NT01s just starting to cord at the end of the event. My 2nd to last lap was my best of the weekend. Haha, what you're not supposed to try to do. I was lucky to find nice alpine body parts in NC. I moved slowly getting back on the track because I bought another fun car in May. My attention was divided. After the M3 ran well, I'm really into it again. I was so apprehensive getting back into it on day 1. It was cold, too. I hit 139.0 according to GPS. Fastest I've ever had this car up to. It probably doesn't make more than 255HP, but it's a blast. So much fun to take to the edge.