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Thread: Strut Insert Test

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    Strut Insert Test

    I am helping a friend with his 1995 M3, he has a used front strut that he would like to use on his car to replace a damaged one. When we push on the shock/dampener cartridge by hand (no spring installed), it goes down with "some" effort but not a lot and comes back up by itself. Is that normal? It is not leaking. Is there a better way to test the shock/dampener cartridge? I know it would be best to just replace the cartridge. Thanks.
    Tom L.

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    That sounds relatively normal, but it's really the impact frequency (moving the damper rod up and down rapidly, like on a bumpy road) and not a single push that reveals damper wear. For obvious reasons it's difficult to test for that.

    Who makes the unit? If it's single-tube aftermarket, e.g. Bilstein, it's probably okay as long as it's not leaking and the rod seal looks intact. I would be leery of using a double-tube (e.g. OEM Sachs) for anything longer than a brief temporary period.

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