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Thread: Need Insight for Remanufactered X3 Engine

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    Need Insight for Remanufactered X3 Engine

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a remanufactured company that they've had success with when replacing or using a remanufactured engine? Someone reputable...

    I purchased the 2013 X3 on January 12, 2017 with 79,324 miles. I purchased a extended warranty from AmeriPlus when I purchased the car and they had BMW put in a used BMW motor from LKQ on June 24, 2017 at 84,840 miles when the timing chain guides broke. This motor was defective immediately upon installation and the motor was replaced within a few hundred miles. So within two years this X3 has had a total of 3 motors (including the original) with timing chain guide issues. I had BMW do all the oil changes and came in for all the checkups and had any work needed done.

    I had the oil changed 4 days before this last light came on. BMW said everything was fine after changing the oil (November 13, 2019) saying “all you need is spark plugs”. I said can I come in next week, I have a meeting I need to prepare for this evening? They said “yes, that’s fine”.

    The low oil light came on and I pulled over immediately and the car was flatbed to BMW (November 18, 2019). Now (November 20, 2019) BMW is telling me I need another motor (would make a total of 4!?) and I don’t have a warranty because I’m out of miles on my extended warranty I purchased.

    All parties from the BMW dealership, LKQ and the warranty company have all said sorry but there's nothing thwy can do. So now I'm truly on my own to pay to resolve the issue. This X3 is immaculate with only the timing chain guides causing major problems.

    I'd greatly appreciate any help with your knowledge about remanufactured engines. I've been combing through MANY businesses online but am nervous as you can understand with so many bad reviews. I've always trusted this forum and I'm hoping someone has some insight.

    Thank you

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    Crappy BMW engines they really are crap lately, thank god there motorcycle engines are better

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    I assume you have an n20? They are notorious for the guides failing, the guides were re designed for the 2015 year. If your worried about getting a different engine I highly recommend going to an Indy repair facility and having the cylinder head removed and rebuild, this will probably be cheaper and you will keep your original bottom end. Please make sure you replace the guides with updated version. Also this job should be fairly easy as the f25 had a good amount of space in the engine bay
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