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Thread: Turbo heat

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    Turbo heat

    My cars performance really inconsistent. Feels like Iíve lost like a quarter of the hp and half the torque after driving for like 2 minutes and it gets slower literally every time I use the gas pedal. Iíve read around that this is because of the turbo generating excess heat, which is consistent with the increased temps in my engine bay, but Iím running a completely stock drivetrain (complete with shitty plastic oem charge pipe and all), so this doesnít really seem like a problem I should have with a stock motor. However, I drive this thing pretty hard so who knows. I changed the oil and serviced the system like 4 days ago and its still doing this, so I donít think its an oil issue. Any other potential causes? Iíve also read that a bigger intercooler is a good fix for this. Anyone know any other (and preferably cheaper) solutions?

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    I would check for faults and call phadrus on Jackson st have them take a look

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