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Thread: Accessing vehicle data (odometer etc.) over the internet w/ API ?

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    Smile Accessing vehicle data (odometer etc.) over the internet w/ API ?

    Hi everyone— let me preface with saying that I know this might not be the right place to ask, but it seems like the most relevant place I've come across so far !

    My question: Is there any way to get vehicle data (odometer, fuel level, location, etc.) remotely using an API and without an OBD-II dongle?

    I have an idea for an app which would need to access data from connected cars. The app would need to access a the user's car's odometer reading each night to check whether or not it had been driven that day (other apps with similar data needs might be car insurance which only bills you on the days you drive, or a fitness app which rewards you if you don't drive).

    I know this is possible with an internet connected OBD-II dongle which plugs into a car's diagnostic port, but it is also possible without hardware ?

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    To retrieve information from the car, you will need some form of wireless OBD device or some form of wireless access to the cars K-Line/CANbus/DoIP networking...

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