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Thread: Load cover and cargo net

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    Load cover and cargo net

    My car did not come with the cargo net option. I have acquired one of the combo roller load cover/cargo nets and the little sockets that mount into the ceiling of the car in four spots.

    My question is, are the nut plates that the sockets screw into already in place under my headliner?
    BMW likes to prewire everything and it makes since for them to have the nut plates in all cars so the dealers can sell the cargo net as a dealer option.
    I know I could drop the headliner and look but that is a major PITA and with the car being 20 years old and all the plastic being brittle I would rather not break stuff to find out that the nut plates are not there.

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    Snotty this one is yours as you have a 528i Touring.
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    All wagons should be the same, but all the wagons I’ve had, and have, all came with the cargo net and cover. So, what plates are you asking about, OP? Would that be the plates that the hook points would bolt to? Couldn’t answer this as I have never had a wagon that didn’t come with the cover and the hook points. My guess would be that they come with them, as it would be stupid of any car company to not place them into the ceiling just because the car didn’t come with the cover.

    Now, I do still have my old wrecked Snot Rocket 1 wagon, if you need any more hooks, or another cargo cover with the net, or the hardware in the ceiling, let me know, if you needed beige that is.
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    I'm 'sure' this was asked a short while back/couple months back ?!

    I did have a cover that was the pull out roller for the boot/trunk but no dog guard net. I guess it's possible cars with that option didn't have the locating bracket thingy's in the roof panel ?! that, or the OP's headliner has been retrimmed in the past and whoever did it just went over that location with the fabric ?!

    Cheers, Dennis!

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    When I remove the roof rails I had to remove all the things for the cargo net I would think the welded nuts would be there but you will need to make holes for them in the headliner, after removing the rails in putting the filler strips in they have little flip up parts and under neath are nut serts so you can still in stall a rack

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