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Thread: trying to connect INPA to my 2010 X3

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    trying to connect INPA to my 2010 X3


    I am new to this forum, having recently acquired a 2010 X3 Xdrive30i. I didn't pick the car, it was basically a hand-me-down I was asked to take from my sister-in-law by covering some maintenance bills. Anyway, it's got a check engine light on. I downloaded "Mike's Easy BMW Tools" which appears to be the easy installer for INPA, EDIABAS, D+KCAN cable drivers, etc. The package installed OK on my Win7 64-bit machine, but there was an error installing the drivers. It seems that I cannot connect to the car with the software/cable. The cable I bought does not have a switch, which I gather switches between D and K CAN bus formats.

    Is someone aware of a good guide out there on how to set this up? Sorry in advance if I'm barking where others have already barked much.

    thanks, Bob
    Portland, OR

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