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Thread: Planning on buying a 2001 M5, need some suggestions

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    Planning on buying a 2001 M5, need some suggestions

    I am planning on buying a 2001 M5 which has some very low miles around 35000. And the seller is asking it for a price of $42000. Is the seller asking too much for it? I need suggestions from you guys. Please help

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    Well that's a lot to me, for 42k, I would look at other cars to. The best m5 would be the last year made the early ones 2000, had secondary air problems that are build in to the head, would clog and the car could not pass smog, removing the heads and cleaning them out was the thing to do and expensive the later cars did not have the issue. Also ther were some folks that were able to progrm the Ecu to not set the fault for the secondary air system. Also the most important thing is to get a pre purchase inspection, I had a customer who bought a 3.0 CS from the mid west and did not have anybody look at it, it was a complete mess, it had been an a/t car converted, doors didnt lock and close right. Paint was bad, we did a lot work to that thing. Buyer beware. And every part for the m car will be more expensive than the normal car

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    Don't think that price seems out of range considering the mileage. What's the service history?

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