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Thread: Looking for M5 ownership description especially compared to E30

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    Looking for M5 ownership description especially compared to E30

    Hi all I posted a thread on the e30 forum and I realize it may have made more sense to post here. Included a link below. I am located in Connecticut near New Haven anybody have one of these cars I would like to meet up to get a ride and idea what itís like and would be happy to bring something fun from my collection to share.

    Anyone owned an E28 M5 / compare to E30 non M3?

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    I've owned both and still own 2 E28 M5s. (Sorry, I'm in western PA...) My E30 was a convertible. Can't really compare a 3 to a 5 because a 3 is a "sports"car and a 5 is a "road" car... (I currently own 3 3 series, 5 5 series including 4 M5s, 2 2002s and an X5.) It also depends a great deal on what you want to do with it and, to some extent, whether it is a daily driver. There are major limits to what you can do to an E28 M5 without really destroying its value. But you can do just about anything to an E30 and there will always be somebody interested in it. E28 M5s feel fast. Driving response is quick and direct for both cars. E28 is more solid, especially at speed. Oh, and there is room...not like E38 room, but a decent amount. The E28 is just a little more comfortable. If you are serious about this, just find an E28 and drive it so you can see how they feel compared to your E30. You wouldn't have much opportunity to open up an M5 on a test drive anyway. And if you are just looking for a different driver, there are plenty of other BMW options in the same price range that will never be worth less than they are today.
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    I posted a response in the E30 thread of the same title...

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