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Thread: Massive's Twin MC booster delete kit / pedal box

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    Massive's Twin MC booster delete kit / pedal box

    It's been a long time since I posted here. I don't know if it is still appropriate that I present another kit I designed and produce. ;-)

    I've heard complaints for the past 20 years that the e36 and e46 vacuum brake boosters were too powerful, and that not only it engaged ABS way too easily, but also that the modulation was pretty limited. Some might agree. Some might not. Years and years ago, I designed a booster delete kit using a single OEM master cylinder. And it worked well. Sold a lot of them. But I wasn't 100% satisfied as I thought it was missing some adjustment versatility. That's why I then designed another booster delete kit, but with two master cylinders and a balance bar.

    The kit is pretty compact and can be fitted with the MCs above the mounting plane, or below. The pick-up point on the brake pedal is the original one. The pedal ratios are 6:1 and 7:1 and is adjustable on the lever which houses the balance bar. That multiplying lever allows to apply 1/3 less force on the firewall. reducing flex by a large margin. The range of MC sizes goes from 5/8" to 1-1/8" and you can obviously fit different sizes at the front and the rear. Bias adjustment can also be done thru the balance bar.

    I made different versions with chassis-specific bolt patterns, as e30, e36 and e46 all have different mounting bolt patterns.

    Here's the e30and 2002 version (fits e21, e24 and e28)

    These kits have been fitted on track cars, as well as on street cars requiring extra clearance. Such as when a eruo S50-54 engine is swapped into an e30

    An offset version is available with the MCs mounted offset, and on tip of each other.

    Here's what is included in the kit and there's a link just below the picture showing how to assemble it.
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