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Thread: Windshield Washer Reservoir Leakage?

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    Windshield Washer Reservoir Leakage?

    2015 BMW 740LI xDrive, model F02
    If I fill the windshield washer fluid reservoir and then drive around for a couple of hundred miles, the fluid level will have dropped below a visible level.....without using the spray nozzles. Since the fluid reservoir goes behind a cover and into the wheel well area, one cannot really see how much the fluid level has dropped, or how much fluid remains.Since I do drive in snowy areas, it is frustrating to never know the fluid level and see it drop when not even used.

    The dealer said (essentially) don't worry about it, and just pay attention/add fluid when the low level indicator alarms. They didn't seem to have much interest in removing the wheel well cover to see if the reservoir was cracked or leaking at a connection point.

    Do other F02 owners have this same issue?


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    If you are filling it up, all the way through the filler neck to where you can actually see if when you open the cap, you are over filling it. You are filling the neck of the tank. It will probably leak out where the neck meets the tank. That's normal. As long as the tank or pump itself isn't leaking then you are worried about nothing. The tank is pretty big. You'd have to use a helluva lot of fluid to empty it. And then the warning light would come on.
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    Are you getting a low washer fluid level warning? If not, would carrying a gallon of washer fluid in your trunk help ease your fear of running out? You can get a gallon of windshield washer fluid for not much (like Walmart etc) unless you are more inclined to use the BMW washer concentrate etc.

    When the low fluid light does does so prior to the reservoir being completely stopping to get fluid to replenish...or if you do keep a gallon in your trunk or in your should be able to refill with no issue.

    If you are getting the low washer fluid warning after just refilling and driving around for a bit...then your real issue may be a failed washer fluid reservoir lid. This has actually been an issue that has been discussed across multiple BMW forums. The new engines (especially turbo) create a lot of heat and if the seal on the reservoir lid has failed...the washer fluid is evaporating.

    Some have been confounded by this fast loss of fluid...but some start lifting their hoods and noticed condensation on the hood above the washer well as around the reservoir lid. And replacing the lid has fixed their issue. Here's a link to a 2016 thread that discussed/discovered this oddity:
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