Hello all,

Currently I own a 97 E36 M3 coupe with over 210k and it runs great. I had a 95 M3 back in 2003-2008 and didn't treat it right but the one I have is a great deal of fun with some mods.

I am now faced with a decision that i can't seem make and I'm looking for your feedback. I'm currently looking at 2011 E92 M3 with 60k on it. The current owner(2nd owner) has it as a 2nd/weekend car and always garaged, no major repairs like rob bearings/TAs/etc, but as per him, it's run great(p2p inspection would get done by me at a BMW dealer near him).

My hesitation is that if I own the car, it would a daily driver(40 miles daily mon-fri not including weekends), no garage available(New York based weather) which would go through all the weather changes.

I'm re-reading this and thinking this is really not the biggest deal but between the miles/weather, it may loose it's desirability and wear/tear quicker. Of course i would keep up on the maintenance/repair-replace what may be needed.

Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks In Advance