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Thread: e46 front control arms on e36

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    e46 front control arms on e36

    Looking at this as an option for widening track width on the race car. Car is currently using custom roll center and bump steer correction, front wide body, and I know that I will need to use different rear lollipops. Looking for feedback on necessary tuning/alignment considerations as well as feedback on performance improvements gained. Need to change out control arms anyways, so was looking to this as an option. Any real world feedback is much appreciated.

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    I used e46 arms on my e36. All I did was shave down the lollipop end to make it round. Took a bit with the grinder but not too hard. Used some new e36 lollipop bushings and had to give them some love to go in. The e46 arms I bought just so happened to have a hole around the same location as the e36 for the front sway bar so I was able to keep that in stock location.

    Definitely gave me more track width and let me run bigger tires without spacers. I feel my cars steering feels better than ever. Here are some pictures I took of mine. Excuse the eBay coils lol.

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    Wow that is way less camber than I have seen on other cars with the E46 swap. Looks good!

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    Ha, that hole is for the xenon headlight leveling sensor.

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